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Franchising Consultant in India

Using a Franchise Consultant

Optimize Your Chances for Business Success

How to franchise your business

Life is full of choices. Easy vs. hard. Simple vs. complicated. Free vs. expensive. With options like these, the choices would seem quite evident, and while life seldom involves such clear cut choices, choosing a franchise business is – or should be – a bit easier. To illustrate, here’s a real life story of an entrepreneur who made many wrong choices…

Satisfy yourself that the business you are considering expanding by forming a franchise network has a proven history of success. (You will have to prove success to franchisees, lawyers, accountants, bankers, the media and the franchise industry in order to succeed as an ethical franchiser).

Consult an expert or experts on all aspects of creating and marketing a franchise system.

“A Franchise is a product. To be successful it needs the same initial and long term investment in time, people and money as any new product launch”.

Why Franchise?

SPEED OF DEVELOPMENT- A well-constructed and marketed franchise can form a network of outlets quicker than forming a similar size company-managed chain

FINANCE- Although considerable investment is needed to create and market a franchise system, income from franchise packages helps finance expansion.

MOTIVATION – Franchisees who have invested their own money into starting a business have a motivation that is hard to generate in an employee.

LOCAL OPERATORS – A marketing advantage can often be gained by awarding franchises to franchisees with local knowledge and connections.

Business Format Franchising

The term “Business Format Franchise” is used to define a business system incorporating the elements listed below. The word “franchise” can be used without restriction in the India to describe any business proposition. By describing a business as a “Business Format Franchise” those involved in franchising and the general public are clear on the principles upon which the business is founded.

Elements of a “Business Format Franchise”

    • a proven business system
    • an Operations Manual (the system)
    • a “pilot” running profitably in the same format as that offered as a franchise
    • a Franchise Agreement
    • a Training Course
    • a Training Manual
    • a support team for training and supporting each franchisee
    • a royalty payment or mark-up on goods supplied
    • a Trading Mark and style that the franchisee is allowed to use under license by the franchisor

“A Business Format Franchise… involves the granting of rights by a company (the Franchisor) for a third party (the Franchisee) to operate their business system using a common brand and common format for promoting, managing and administering the business.”

How to choose a Franchise Consultant.

  • Has the consultancy to which the consultant(s) is attached a sufficiently broad range of skills to suit your needs?
  • Are you happy with the particular consultant(s) assigned to your project?
  • Will that consultant(s) work well with all members of staff with whom he may have contact?
  • Has the consultancy and the assigned consultant(s) had proven success in a similar project?
  • Are the ‘Terms of Reference’ submitted for the completion of the project as agreed in every detail?
  • Have they a written Code of Ethics included in their proposals?
  • These are the minimum questions you should ask yourself when selecting a consultant and consultancy. Ask your friends and business acquaintances for recommendations and refer to accreditation bodies such as the British Franchise Association and the British Accreditation Bureau.
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